Senior Thesis Exhibition:Steel Sculpture work

Each form uses a single basic geometric shape. Repetition and manipulation were essential elements of the creative process of building each piece. The development of one idea compounded another. Manipulating the scale of the form can provoke a new response from the viewer. Imagine each struture exisiting at varying proportions.

The endevor to investigate each configuration has challened and strengthened my creative imagination. As the creator I seek what the form offers on its own and what it requires of me to embellish its qualities. The surface treatment was created using a combination of spray paint, water and smoke. It was an entirely experimental process. Hours were spent working and reworking the layers to achieve a deep textural quality, which seems unlike the metal it once was. The geometric struture now posses an organic skin. It seems as if it has fallen into the earth and emerged anew.

What came together for my senior exhibition was completely unexpected as far as the final product of four years at the School for American Crafts of Metals is concerned. This, however, is but the begining of a lifelong creative exploration of my talent as it will invariably mix with the people, material and inspiration already existing in the world.